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Char-Meck Girls Softball

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Challenge Tournament Pool Game Schedule

All games to be played at MARA

8U - All Games to be played on Field #7 

10:15 AM: South Charlotte v. Weddington

11:30 AM: MARA v. South Charlotte

12:45 PM: Weddington v. MARA

8U Bracket Play to Begin at 2:00


9:00 AM: MARA v. Weddington-McGowan (Field #4)

9:00 AM: Metro v. South Park (Field #8)

9:00 AM: South Charlotte v. Porter Ridge (Field #10)

9:00 AM: Weddington-Sinacori v. Myers Park (Field #13)

10:15 AM: MARA v. Metro (Field #4)

10:15 AM: South Charlotte v. Myers Park (Field #8)

10:15 AM WCWAA-Sinacori v. Porter Ridge (Field #13)

11:30 AM: WCWAA-McGowan v. South Park (Field #8)

10U Bracket Play to Begin at 2:00


10:15 AM: MARA v. Myers Park  (Field #10)

11:30 AM: South Charlotte v. Steele Creek (Field #4)

11:30 AM: WCWAA v. MARA (Field #10)

11:30 AM: South Park v. Porter Ridge (Field #13)

12:45 PM: Myers Park v. South Charlotte (Field #4)

12:45 PM: Steele Creek v. South Park (Field #10)

12:45 PM: Porter Ridge v. WCWAA (Field #13)

12U Bracket Play to Begin at 3:30


Click here to see Challenge Rules, MARA Map, Pool Play Schedule and Brackets